What Your Donations Can Do

Project World-Mission 9:22 is supported through tax-deductible donations from people just like you. Below are just a few examples of what your donations go to. However, any donation, no matter how large or small, is welcomed and accepted.

Please note all costs listed below are approximate.

Dry Goods

Beans, rice, coffee, sugar
$1,800.00 per community

House Building

Build a house for a family (16x16 wooden house with tin roof and includes a mattress set, sheets, and pillows)


Provide a meal for women, children and men working in the City Dump

Medical Supplies

Provide basic medicines for those in need
Any amount welcome

Mission 9:22 Building

Support the construction of the Mission 9:22 building.
Any amount welcome

School Supplies

Purchase school supplies for an entire class.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a child to attend school.

General Support

Any amount welcome

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